MADRE was established with the dream to produce female shoes with an entire focus on their beauty and comfort. Since 2013, Madre has become one of the leading Bumiputra shoe brands in Malaysia.

Before stepping into the shoe industry, the founders of Madre delved in the photography field, owning a studio. With a minimum fund to start, it took Madre less than a year to be an established brand. Thanks to the experiences gained from the studio, it helped them a lot in branding, marketing and meeting customer's expectations for their newfound company.

Founded back in 2013, on 28th of February. Madre was initially going to be called ‘Butik Ummi’, ‘Emak’, ‘Mama’ and other equivalents of the word ‘mother’. But most of the names were already trademarked. As an alternative, the founder took Madre, which is Spanish for the mother.

The reason why the founders fixated on the idea of ‘mother’ was because of their mother, the inspirations and driving force behind everything. In appreciating her efforts, Madre gained success and reach a following of 10,000 fans on Facebook in less than two weeks.

Based in Cyberjaya, Selangor. Madre, as of today, has garnered almost 500 000 fans on Facebook and more than 100 000 followers on Instagram. Madre also caught the attention of a few news outlets in Malaysia and was featured in RTM’s shows, Selamat Pagi Malaysia, Biz Malaysia, Do-It, Fresh Brew, Jelita, even in the newspapers Kosmo, and Utusan.

And as an ever-expanding company, Madre hopes to be one of the biggest names in Malaysia’s fashion industry in a few years.