5 Important Tips To Clean Your Shoe With Household Items

5 Important Tips To Clean Your Shoe With Household Items

The suede material shoe has always in the shoe fashion scene. It has been a trend and everyone must have owned at least one suede footwear in their wardrobe. However, cleaning suede material can be quite an ordeal because if wrongly taken care of, the suede will get dull and maybe damaged. Therefore, it is very crucial to properly take care of you suede shoe to ensure they stay beautiful and last for its intended lifespan. 

Here are 5 vital points to keep your suede shoe with your everyday household items!

#1. Put crumpled paper inside before cleaning.

Putting a crumpled paper inside your shoes is an important step you should take before start cleaning your shoe. This step is to ensure that your shoes stay in its natural shape. Not only it will toughen up suede’s naturally soft and supple material, but it will also be easier to clean its stubborn spots.

#2. Get a soft-bristled brush.

You can use a toothbrush, or any brushes with a soft-bristled to clean your suede material shoe. When your are cleaning your shoes, be sure to brush them in the direction of the fibre. Avoid brushing them back and forth as it will ruin the material. Also, remember that moisture can leave a permanent stain in suede materials. Therefore, do make sure that your shoe is completely dry when you brushing them. However, you can alsi invest in a proper suede-clening brush for better care. 

#3. For a tough stain, use vinegar.

Unfortunately, tougher stains like food or drinks won’t come off just by brushing it. However, you can get some white vinegar and pour it on a clean cloth and wipe the stain gently. Apply a tad bit of the vinegar on the stained area and then let it dry. After it has dried out, then brush it off with a brush to get those stains out.

#4. Remove stains with an eraser.

Alas, not all the marks can be removed with brushing and wiping. Therefore, if you still notice some stains after you tried the two steps above, get yourself a simple pencil eraser and gently rub away any water, oil, or grease. Put some pressure as you rub if there are tougher stains that need removing.

#5. Rub the surface of your shoes with a clean towel.

After all the stains are off, rub your suede shoe gently with a clean towel. Wipe your shoes with a clean dry towel to remove any unseen layers dirt. Be sure to wipe in the direction of the fabric and avoid any back and forth motion.


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