Madre's Shoe Tips: Shoe to Wear with Skinny Jeans

Madre's Shoe Tips: Shoe to Wear with Skinny Jeans

I guess any fan of skinny jeans would probably have face this dilemma at least once in their lifetime: We have got a great outfit going on for us with our favourite pair of skinny jeans, but you have no clue what shoes to complete with our looks. Strappy heels would feel too dressy for the occasion, sandals are bulky, and your favourite sneakers don’t fit with it.

I too face that problem almost every day. That’s why I have picked out 8 shoe styles to don with your favourite tight denim. Each of these shoes would give an equally stylish but very different vibe for your outfit. 

So if you’re stuck on not knowing what to wear with your skinny jeans again, remember these styles.

#1. Classic Sneakers

This one is undeniably the to-go style with skinny jeans. Classic lace-up sneakers are a must-have in your wardrobe, especially to pair it up with your favourite blue skinny piece of denim. The definition of a casual style for a casual event or even for just running simple errands.

#2. Flat Sandals

For the simplistic vibe that you’re going for, don a pair of flat sandals with your favourite skinny jeans. Best look if you’re heading for a brunch on a Sunday afternoon or casual after-work cocktail party. Neutral sandals work perfect for a simple look but it’s okay to amp it up with a pair of statement flat sandals as well.

#3. Flats

This is actually a no-brainer since you might own a pair that you wear for a simple day at the office. Pair it up with your favourite skinny jeans for a sleek and simple vibe. Pick a classic pair for a more polished look, or for an upgraded look pick a pair with fun textures or embellishments.

#4. Slip-On Sneakers

Hate lacing up your shoes every time? Prefer simpler sneakers? Don’t worry because slip-on sneakers are also a good choice to pair with your favourite skinny jeans. Feel free to experiment with the colours and unique prints too – it could give a whole different vibe to your outfit. Be bold.

#5. Strappy Heels

For a more elegant vibe, favour classic strappy heels over other options to pair up with your blue denim. A great look for a night out or a more casual party. You have the freedom to choose any colour you want, be it a simple, basic black or even a pair with animal print.

#6. Classic Pumps

If you’re going for a simple yet classy look for your outfit, reach for your pair of classic pumps and don it with your jeans. Neutral nude or black are always the classic choice but you could opt for something bolder if you’re looking to make a statement; the bright colour on snakeskin would do the trick.

#7. Ankle Boots

If you don’t own a pair of this, snatch one just to don it with your favourite pair of skinny jeans. For a fresh vibe, you could either pick an all-white pair, animal print or croc-embossed. For a better style, pick a skinny that hit right above the top of the boots.

#8. Over-the-Knee Boots

This is the ‘slip-on sneakers’ to your ankle boots. If you need a break from it then go for a pair of over-the-knee boots. Since skinny jeans are tapered to your leg by design, then this boots’ silhouette would be a perfect fit for your outfit.

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