Madre's Shoe Tips: Selecting Casual Shoes

Madre's Shoe Tips: Selecting Casual Shoes

For people with wardrobe that could be associated with the word chill, relaxed or easy, we could only assume that their style is simplistic. Simplistic people are not equal to boring! It’s could be quite the opposite.

A person with a simple style generally has a wardrobe filled with quality basics, with a few pieces that are fun thrown in there. Their shoes specifically are minimilise to a few key styles that could be consider as essential to complement those effortless, simple pieces.

Here are some inspiration to the kind of footwear to add to your simplistic style wardrobe!

Black Pumps

This should be the first on the list because it’s a no-brainer, every woman needs black stilettos in her wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the simple or classy style.

Flat Mules

Some might think “Why not go with a ballet flat?”, Well we assure you that flat mules would feel more modern for a simple and laid-back yet polished look.

Strap Heels

One simple pair of strap heels is the ultimate choice for the summer and spring look, tying an easy and simple outfit together.

Combat Boots

Not literally combat boots, but combat-esque boots would stomp in the ‘cool’ on your simple outfit.

Fresh Sneakers

There’s a wide array of choices when it comes to sneakers, but a clean set of leather or suede sneakers would be the best bet to complement that chill outfit.

White Boots

Sure, a black one would match everything easily. But a pair of white ankle boots are a must as well to elevate your simplistic ensembles. (Also you’ve already got a pair of black pumps).

So if you already have these in your wardrobe then you’re good to go. We bet that you already owned at least 2 of these. So pick up the pairs that you have not to own to complete your simple and chill wardrobe now.

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