The Different Styles of Wedges

The Different Styles of Wedges

The wedge shoe is one of the most evergreen in the footwear industry. With soles that cover the whole length of the foot instead of just under the heels like high heels, wedge shoe is meant to give more stability to the wearer. Their soles are usually made of rubber, cork and other lightweight materials, making them easy on the feet.

Moreover, the soles are commonly thicker on the backside of the feet making the wearer appear taller by giving them a slim silhouette. Thus, this feature puts wedges in the high heels section in the shoe category. 

We will bring you to learn more about the types of wedges heels available in the market.


For a more casual look, I suggest you pick an espadrille. Espadrilles are casual wedges that generally have soles made of rope and upper made of cloth. They’re more casual and chic than any other wedges. But do not wear them on the rainy season as the soles tend to get wet and heavy. Keep your espadrilles for summer since it suits that season better.

You could also try clog-inspired wedges to keep it casual. As they are making a comeback, this is the time to put them on. Clog wedges aren’t only trendy but they’re also usually extremely comfortable and perfect for a casual every day look.


An ideal alternative to sandals is peep-toe wedges. That is if you don’t want to show off too much of your foot. Generally made from varieties of materials that you could choose to your liking, such as leather or suede that would suit any occasions. Or pick a more cut-out or sandal wedges if you want your foot to show off more.

But if you want to make a statement, consider putting on sky-high wedge shoe. We all know that wedge shoes are more stable and comfortable to walk. Therefore, if you are looking to look tall, sky-high wedges are the perfect addition to your outfit.


Oxfords wedges, inspired by a men footwear have made their way to women’s fashion. Started as a more feminine flat, today, you could get them in wedges form too. It has become a trend because of its professional and fashion-forward looks. Oxford wedges come either with or without their signature lace and also in varieties of colours and prints.

Some may think that oxford wedges are a bit too much for their style, so maybe you could try the platform wedges. Although the heels are level from front to back, it still elevates your height because they usually come with thick platforms. Not only a fashionable design but really easy to walk-in too.


Boot style wedge shoe are the greatest substitute for high heeled boots. They look just as dressy but trust me when I say they’re much more comfortable. Boot wedges come in a variety of styles, just like your regular boots, so you could pick either to wear an ankle wedge boots, open-toe, or anything else that you like in a boot but in wedges design.

Being one of the most popular choices in women’s footwear industry, wedges are the perfect middle-ground for shoes if you want to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Opting to wear it would give you less ache than using high heels and still being more fashionable than wearing flat shoes.

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