Wedge Heels – What to wear them with?

Madre's Shoe Tips: Wedge Heels – What to wear them with?


For those that are scared to try high heels, wedges are a perfect thing for you to try! Just like heels, a wedge can add your height without causing you any difficulties or ache whilst walking.

One thing I’ve been told is that everyone loves how exceptionally fashionable these shoes are. It would go with any style be it extremely elegant or even those that like keeping it simple and it could also be worn to various occasions and would still have you looking stunning!

Wedges would look great on any variation of clothes that you may choose to wear; whether you put on long skirts or dresses or even the shorter pieces of stuff, wedges will give that extra mile to your outfit by going either way. So why don’t we talk about what to wear with your favourite wedges while the season’s changing?


With Dresses

Wedges look stunning with dresses, be it short or long. But it also goes great with our traditional attire such as kurung, kebaya, cheongsam, and saree. So when looking at how to stylise your wedges with these dresses, it all really comes down to your personal preferences.

With Long Pants

Another favourite to go with wedges that I’ve seen are pants, be it slacks or palazzo. If you match it correctly, then you’ll have that beautiful casual looks for your everyday outfit to work or socialising. Put on a cute top with them then boom you’re ready.

With Jeans

Yeah, I know, jeans are pants. But since jeans are a classic option with wedges I’d put it in its own category. It’s important to take note of the style of your jean to put them on with wedges. Skinny jeans are perfect for showing off your wedges but with bootleg or flared jeans, you gotta make sure that the hem covers most of the wedges to create the most streamlined silhouette.

With Shorts

It’s going to be summer after all right?! So if you prefer to rock your wedges with something shorter then you could definitely do it! More casual wedge would look great with shorts and a tucked-in shirt.

With Skirts

To wear wedges with skirts, I think that it’s better to steer clear of any skirts that are too form-fitting because wedges tend to appear quite chunky. So teaming them with a pencil skirt or anything too body-hugging can give an unflattering and clunky appearance. Looser, flowing skirts ultimately look better with wedges. But still up to your personal preferences.

All in all, the key is getting the right style and balance in your outfit. 

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